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Businesses for Sale in Wisconsin

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Details - 1309 RV Dealership
1,100,0001,100,000Sale of Assets1,100,000
Details - 1263 Automotive Repair Shop
Milwaukee County
1,295,0001,295,000Sale of Assets1,295,000
Details - 1260 Septic Cleaning & Repair Business
Southeast Wisconsin
550,000550,000Sale of Assets550,000
Details - 1323 Mechanical Contract Business for Sale
550,000550,000Sale of Assets550,000
Details - Growing Greenhouse Business
Eau Claire County
Details - 1314 Therapeutic Massage Business
South Central Wisconsin
350,000350,000Sale of Assets350,000
Details - 1131 Wellness Center
Southeast Wisconsin
500,000500,000Sale of Assets500,000
Details - 1224 PRICE DROP! Furniture & Interior Design Co.
Northeastern Wisconsin
Details - Great Hotel -Money Maker
4,750,0004,750,0001 4,850,000
Attachments availableDetails - 1291 Assisted Living in SE Wisconsin
Southeast Wisconsin
Details - 1289 Commercial Office Building
424,500424,500Sale of Assets424,500
Details - 1168 Retail Wine Shop
SE Wisconsin
Details - Machine Shop
Southeast Wisconsin
749,000749,000Sale of Assets749,000
Details - 1227 Precision Grinding & Ancillary Manufacturing
Northwest Milwaukee
1,100,0001,100,000Sale of Assets1,100,000
Details - 1247 Mold & Foundry Tooling Manufacturer
970,000970,000Sale of Assets972,000
Details - 1316 Motorcycle Accessory Manufacturing Business
1,750,0001,750,000Sale of Assets1,750,000
Details - 1268 Marine & Power Sports Sales and Service
1,095,0001,095,000Sale of Assets1,095,000
Details - 1296 Retail Confectionery Store
659,000659,000Sale of Assets659,000
Attachments availableDetails - 1320 Home Care business in SE Wisconsin
SE Wisconsin
Details - 1238 Book Printing Company
Dane County, WI
275,000275,000Sale of Assets275,000
Details - Highly Profitable Commercial Printing Business
Greater Madison Area
795,000795,000Sale of Assets795,000
Details - 1305 Employment Placing Agency
Southeastern Wisconsin
500,000500,000Sale of Assets500,000
Details - 1328 Appraisal Management Company in WI
500,000500,000Sale of Assets500,000
Details - 1274 Adult Family Home with 70-plus beds
Southeast Wisconsin
8,900,0008,900,000Sale of Assets8,900,000
Details - 1327 Home Care Business
165,000165,000Sale of Assets165,000
Details - 1071 Restaurant & Bar, Banquet Facility, Catering
Southeast Wisconsin/Northern Illinois
1,400,0001,400,000Sale of Assets1,400,000
Details - 1282 Outdoor Specialty Retailer & Distribution
Southeast Wisconsin
2,850,0002,850,000Sale of Assets2,850,000
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