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Own Your Future - by Bill Grunau


 "Rarely do you come across a book that provides hands on practical advice in every chapter. Bill's real life experiences as an entrepreneur, CEO, and business broker leave the reader with a blueprint for business acquisitions. Ivory tower theory is not going to go a long way in an acquisition, one needs to get down in the trenches as Bill explains chapter by chapter.”
—Karl a, Principal, Business Financial Consultants "

“Bill’s polished style of writing reflects a common sense approach to buyer and seller concerns through the acquisition and divestiture process. A must read for first-time buyers and sellers of privately held businesses.”
—Glenn Haddad, Corporate Trainer and Business Intermediary

“I couldn’t recommend a more salient primer for persons interested in purchasing a business. Bill Grunau distills the complexities of the purchase and sale of businesses into a plain English and common sense-format that will allow inexperienced buyers or sellers to confidently spot and navigate potential minefields in the transaction. Undoubtedly, the book can allow its reader to make better decisions—ones that will lead to successful results, profitability and peace of mind!” —Thomas Lombardi, Founding Partner, Palmer, Lombardi, Donohue Law Firm

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Own your own future
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